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Health-2-Market is a coordinating action funded by the European Commission that aims at developing the Health researchers' entrepreneurial skills and knowledge to support the market exploitation of their research results.
More specifically, it aims to:
  • Help health/life sciences researchers to develop an entrepreneurial mentality
  • Provide high quality training in a variety of topics: IPR and asset management, entrepreneurship and business planning, launch of a successful start-up and knowledge transfer, etc.
  • Offer advanced services and consultation to researchers having the most promising health research outcomes in terms of commercial exploitation and new business creation.
Next Events

Health-2-Market Final Conference - Tools to valorize research: 1 day to follow the road from research to market! - 1st July, Brussels

Material presented at the Health-2-market Final Conference is now available at http://health2market.eu/conference/1/presentations

MOOC on "Roadmap to Entrepreneurial Mindset and Toolkit" is now available at https://www.udemy.com/entrepreneurial-mindset-and-toolkit/#/


I followed a course organised by Health-2-Market for entrepreneurial initiatives in health ("Entrepreneurship and Business Planning in health/life sciences" academy that took place at SKEMA Business School in September 2013). I there presented my scientific project and discovered multiple aspects regarding the valorisation of a product. I was able to develop a mini business plan and to learn what entitles a market study. Such introduction into the entrepreneurship world was very exciting for me and encouraged me greatly to further develop the application of my project.

After the course I benefitted from a free market study for my product through follow-up in the "Health-2-Market Advanced Services" offer. This study showed me that the market for my product is growing rapidly which encouraged me and my partner to pursue our efforts with our product.

I would recommend that many more research scientists from academia benefit from such course!

Dr Rémi Dumollard, researcher at CNRS, France and responsible for EmbryoTox

After the two-day seminar I know how I can offer my invention and to who I can offer it. This is a very important starting point to build a well-defined business model and plan because I'm well focused

I have now more knowledge what information if found in patent databases!

The H2M training was the chance to seriously confront our project to the reality of business. Very often we forget to ask ourself the essential questions regarding business development… Or maybe we don't really want to face the reality. By focusing on the necessity to be "customer oriented", it reminded us all the business development basis: what is my value proposition, what are my clients, how can I catch them, etc.

Also I really appreciated to follow other projects during this week because we shared experiences and learned from each others, from our mistakes and from our point of view.

In conclusion, I'd say that the H2M training was a great opportunity to step back and redirect our project on the right way to avoid a crash!

Christophe Baibourdian