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Entrepreneurship and Business Planning in health/life sciences

at SKEMA Business School, Sophia-Antipolis, France

Michel Bernasconi Michel Bernasconi, PhD

Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship
SKEMA Business School

Michel Bernasconi graduated from SKEMA Business School (1975). He holds a Doctorate degree in Business Strategy from the University of Aix-en-Provence (1985) and an HDR (2007), and has 25 years of experience in strategy and new business creation.

He is currently the executive director of the faculty and the director of the department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at SKEMA. He had previously other management positions: Associate Dean for the Master program (ESC) (1994-1999) and director of Executive Education (2003-2004).

Michel Bernasconi is one of France's specialists in the high-tech start-up field, in which he has been working extensively in both business and engineering schools. His research has been published in books and academic reviews in France, the UK and the USA. He was President of the French Academy of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, a research association (2008-2010). At SKEMA, he developed a set of activities on entrepreneurship. He initiated the MSC in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, developed incubators on the French campuses, and recently launched an ambitious partnership with a Chinese Incubator (Xian Jiaotong-SKEMA) in Sushou. He was the founder and the director of the High-Tech Entrepreneurship Center who developed numerous projects in Entrepreneurship.

He has extensive experience in teaching entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and new business creation, in particular in Executive Education. More specifically, he is in charge of the program Coup de Pousset, a successful seminar on intrapreneurship dedicated to big companies which last from more than 10 years. He is a member of Sophia Business Angels, an investor club that invests in high-tech companies in France and in Europe.

Michel Bernasconi Philippe Chereau, PhD

Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship
SKEMA Business School

Philippe CHEREAU holds a Doctorate in Management Science, is a professor of strategy and entrepreneurship, and is the scientific director of the MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at SKEMA Business School. He has specialized in strategic management of innovation and in the governance of Local Innovation Systems. He has held positions in international business development, general management and executive consulting. As an entrepreneur, he has contributed to the launching of two ventures in the field of clinical development. He has been life science expert for the French Entrepreneurship and Innovation contest. As a scholar, he conducts research on the relationships between competitive strategy, innovation and performance in SMEs.

Dominique Vian Dominique Vian, PhD

Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
SKEMA Business School

Dominique started his career as an information system consultant at Bull Company then PricewaterhouseCoopers. In 2001, after experimenting life as an entrepreneur during 5 years, Dominique started working for SKEMA Business School (previously CERAM Sophia Antipolis) to lead the TEEE-Inn European project. He also coached well-known successful start-ups like Seemage, Benomad and Keeneo. He is the inventor of the Innovation Systemic Marketing Analysis method called ISMA360°. Built on specific theoretical frameworks: Effectuation, Sciences of Design and Complexity, this is a new approach applicable to strategy when uncertainty is inherent to innovation.