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Intellectual Property, Ethics & the Utilization of Academic Research in health/life sciences

at University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden

Preliminary programme

Monday – Day 1

0900 – 1030Warm-up session on the entrepreneurship mindset and the academic responsibility
1030 – 1200Knowledge triangle and the role of universities to collaborate and promote utilization
1300 – 1400Introduction to the case
1400 – 1500Mapping the project and the environment (from the case)
1500 – 1600Identifying value created and to be created knowledge assets (from the case)

Deliverables: Description of the research, identified intellectual assets and mapped stakeholders and the projects of the relevant environment

Tuesday – Day 2

0900 – 1030Models for utilization of research & Governance of Research
1030 – 1200Map and evaluate the contractual relations and clarify what is background and foreground
1300 – 1430The ideas of the university & The critical and independent researcher
1430 – 1600Pinpointing the ethical challenges

Deliverables: Mapped and evaluated the contractual relations and clarified what is background and foreground & mapped the ethical considerations that need to be made

Wednesday – Day 3

0900 – 1030Intellectual assets, property and capital
1030 – 1200Intellectual asset management & Intellectual property management
1300 – 1400Valuation and evaluation
1400 – 1600Assessing the Intellectual assets (from the case)

Deliverables: Captured and evaluated the intellectual assets

Thursday – Day 4

0900 – 1000Introduction to knowledge sources
1000 – 1200Bibliometric information, Patent information and other sources ofinformation
1300 – 1600Evaluating the knowledge markets (from the case)

Deliverables: Evaluation of the knowledge markets

Friday morning – Day 5

0900 – 1030Value creation and welfare development
1030 – 1200Academic responsibility & The roles of the researcher
1300 – 1430Evaluating the public value creation of the research (from the case)
1430 – 1600Concluding remarks

FINAL DELIVERABLE: Evaluation of the public value creation