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Intellectual Property, Ethics & the Utilization of Academic Research in health/life sciences

at University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden

The aim of the academy organized by the University of Gothenburg (UGOT) is to provide the participant with a fundamental understanding of the challenges and opportunities related to the integration of research and utilization processes.




Integration of Research and Innovation


Managing intellectual assets, property and capital


Innovation Information


Academic Value Creation


Governance of projects on research and moral considerations

Detailed programme

Context and training description

Successful utilization of research is based on collaboration between various actors where value is created both for society and the research community. Research results can be utilized in many ways such as through publication, open access, collaboration, licensing and venture creation among others. Furthermore, the results of research can take on many forms, including data, instructions, and inventions that arepotentially relevant for utilization across both basic and applied research. Decisions regarding utilization also have an ethical dimension - for the society at large, but also for the university, the research group and the individual researcher.

This course will take participants through the process of mapping research and research projects, from identification of intellectual assets to the capture and assessment of research as intellectual assets. Central to this process is the understanding of different sources of knowledge that support and strengthen research projects, the creation of societal value through economic and non-economic means, and the ethical considerations that need to be taken into account.


This training is dedicated to researchers, entrepreneurs and technology transfer professionals willing to experience the challenges related to the integration of research and utilization processes through an intense accelerated academy.

Join us and

  • Understand the importance of utilization for research in general and for the individual researcher
  • Identify, capture, and assess intellectual assets in research projects
  • Understand what can be utilized in terms of knowledge and generated through the research process
  • Understand the various ways to utilize research and consequences of different choices
  • Evaluate potential options of value creation from research projects


Participation is free of charge but registration is mandatory! Travel and accommodation costs are not covered.

Registration will be open until February 13th, 2015.