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CONFERENCE - Programme

Health-2-Market Final Conference

at The Hotel, Brussels, Belgium

Technology transfer specialists and leading European business schools, innovative entrepreneurs, big pharma executives’, start-ups’ advisors and investors will guide you along the road from research to market with three thematic "pit" stops:

  1. Intellectual Property Rights,
  2. Entrepreneurship - Business Planning and
  3. Marketing,
plus an interactive "Ask the experts" session with face-to-face meetings with top experts and investors to help you to answer the following questions:
  • What to do with my research results? How to protect them?
  • Which is my market? How can I convince investors?
  • What does business capital entail?
  • How to approach potential customers? What do big companies want?
  • How to develop a marketing strategy?
The event is designed in a way to be particularly useful for:
  • Health specialists (individual researchers, SMEs, FP7 and H2020 project coordinators and partners – all those dealing with exploitation issues).
  • Support organisations (Technology Transfer Offices, incubators, clusters, business networks, health professionals’ organizations, innovation agencies, IPR helpdesk etc.).
  • Higher education and research structures.
  • Policy makers.
  • Other innovation stakeholders (i.e. banks, venture capital firms, consultancy companies, National Contact Points, IPR private offices).

Do not miss this key opportunity to share experience, benefit from best practices and engage with peers and investors in face-to-face meetings and networking.



  • Svetlana Klessova, Director, inno TSD, France
  • Christian Suojanen, Co-founder and chairman, TTS Global initiative, United Kingdom
8h30-9h00 Registrations and welcome coffee
9h00-9h30 Opening Remarks and project’s results
  • Jeremy Bray, Policy Advisor, Health Directorate, DG Research and Innovation, European Commission
  • Svetlana Klessova, Director, inno TSD, France
9h30-11h00 First "pit stop": IPR

Academic research can be developed into marketable products via different path: start-up creation (developed in the 2 other pit stops), service contracts, licensing... To this end, IP protection is fundamental.

The speaker and panelists will address the following questions: What to do with research results? What is their value? How to protect them? What about open innovation? First leads towards exploitation (licensing, start up creation...)? Is IPR different between individual research projects and collaborative research projects?

Bowman Heiden, Deputy Director of the Center for Intellectual Property, University of Gothenburg/Chalmers University, Sweden


  • David Pardoe, Head of Growth Projects, MRC (Medical Research Council) Technologies, United Kingdom


  • Morris Berrie, Co-Founder TTS Global Initiative, United Kingdom
  • Peter Heydebreck, Deputy Chairman, innoveas international, United Kingdom
  • Olivier Lescroart, IP Officer, KU Leuven Research and Development, Belgium
  • Niclas Lundh, Senior Officer for Research and External Relations, Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

11h00-11h05 H2M tool: annotated templates for H2020 on innovation
and exploitation
Exploitation of results should be thought of from the beginning of a project. To support this, the project team has developed some annotated templates that are useful for applications to various H2020 instruments.
  • Caterina Buonocore, National Contact Point Health, demographic change and wellbeing for Horizon 2020, APRE – Italian Agency for Promotion of European Research, Italy
11h05-11h30 Coffee break

11h30-13h00 Second "pit stop": Entrepreneurship and business planning

A major issue when creating a start-up is financing, an overview of possible financing route will be presented. The panel discussion will then provide insights on how to meet VC and how to obtain more general support. Experiences will be shared by a H2M beneficiary and 2 start-up, which have already raised some money.

Some of the points and questions the speaker and panelists will address are: The entrepreneurial mindset: a different perspective of value creation; What is my market? The entrepreneurial approach of market selection; How can I convince investors? What does business planning entail? From idea to business model to business plan?

Philippe Chereau, Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, SKEMA Business School, France


  • Christian Suojanen, Co-founder and chairman, TTS Global Initiative, United Kingdom


  • Bruno Reynolds, Consultant, Isis Innovation, United Kingdom
  • Claire Skentelbery, Secretary General, European Biotechnology Network, Belgium
  • Daniela Marino, Researcher and EU Project Manager, University Children's Hospital of Zurich, Switzerland
  • Jean-Claude Tagger, Chief Operating Officer, Quasardb, France

13h00-13h05 H2M tool: e-learning, mobile app and MOOC
To support new entrepreneurs, the project team has developed e-learning modules, and MOOC is in its launch process.
  • Krisztina Toth, Project Manager, Europa Media, Hungary

13h05-14h30 Lunch break

14h30-16h00 Third "pit stop": Marketing in Health/Life Sciences
Having a good product is not enough, marketing is also extremely important; however, in the pharmaceutical or biotech industry, there are some necessary steps to go through to market a drug. Often a small pharmaceutical company or biotech will not bring its product to market but will rather sell its clinical candidate; the questions then are what are pharmaceutical companies looking for in clinical candidates and how to approach them. Experiences will be shared by a H2M beneficiary. Some of the questions the speaker and panelists will answer are: What is your market? How to approach potential customers? What do big pharma companies want? How to develop a marketing strategy? How to implement your marketing strategy?

Antonios Stamatogiannakis, Professor of Marketing, IE Business School, Spain


  • Claire Bastien, Associate Professor, IE Business School , Spain


  • Ettore Federici, Corporate Marketing Planning & Development Director, Menarini group, Italy
  • Manfred Horst, Director, Scientific Liaison, Merck Sharp & Dohme, France
  • Lars Krüger, Chief Executive Officer, Gensoric, Germany
  • Manfred Teuber, Chief Marketing Officer & Investor Relations, Xtreme VRI AG, Switzerland

16h00-16h05 H2M tool: "How-to-do" guidebook
To support new entrepreneurs, the project team has developed a "how to-do" guidebook
  • Peter Häfner, Senior innovation manager, engage AG, Germany
16h05-16h30 Concluding remarks
  • Svetlana Klessova, Director, inno TSD, France

16h30-18h30 Coffee break (possibility for the participants to network
among themselves in parallel to the 4th "pit stop")

17h00-18h30 Fourth "pit stop": Ask the experts
Speed "dating" – participants will choose when registering for the event with which theme expert they wish to talk to (20 minutes minimum time slots).
Topics include:
  • Horizon 2020
  • IPR strategy
  • Licensing strategy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • How to finance your project/start up
  • How to meet VC
  • How to capture big pharmaceutical interest
  • Marketing strategy
  • Medical devices certification
  • Management Systems' Certification
  • The use of web tools and social networks for marketing purposes