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Health-2-Market project has developed a sound methodology to facilitate the market exploitation of health research results. The key elements of the methodology are:
  • Firstly, the Health-2-Market project team strives to achieve maximum possible awareness on its actions.
  • Secondly, it involves advanced techniques for end-user needs identification and training curriculum multi-input extensive refinement.
  • Additionally, it engages continuous feedback integration and pilot implementation for efficient optimization of its methodology and services/activities.
  • Moreover, the selection of its renowned innovation coaches, who act as tutors, is based on partners extensive contact networks and intrinsic experts.
  • Also, Health-2-Market offers assistance/training/consulting on all topics relevant to new ventures creation and commercial exploitation of health research results. This include: intellectual property rights and asset management, innovation management, knowledge transfer, technology transfer, business awareness, opportunity spotting and interdisciplinary collaborations.