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SEMINARS - Programme

Intellectual Property Management & Open Innovation in Health/Life Science

at Startup Braga, Braga, Portugal


0900 - 0905 Welcome note
0905 - 0920 Introduction to seminar
0920 - 1020 Introduction to Open Innovation
Presentation of the concept of open innovation in different contexts and the reason for its emergence and growth in the knowledge economy
1020 - 1040 Coffee break
1040 - 1130 IPR and the Utilization of Research
Presentation of intellectual property rights and there use in the utilization of research results, in particular, through commercial processes
1130 - 1215 Open Innovation - An IPM Approach
Presentation of open innovation from a knowledge management perspective where Intellectual property is used to facilitate access and regulate openness
1215 - 1330 Lunch
1330 - 1415 Introduction to Licensing
Presentation on the fundamentals of licensing as a core tool for open innovation
1415 - 1530 Introduction to Intellectual Asset Management
Presentation of a more comprehensive knowledge management framework to support the utilization of research
1530 - 1600 Coffee break
1600 - 1730 Case: IAM and the Utilization of Academic Research
Case study of a university-based biomedical innovation to illustrate the key aspects of using IAM to support the utilization of academic research
1730 - 1800 Discussion