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SEMINARS - Description

Marketing of Innovation & Effectual Entrepreneurship in Health Sciences

at seminar room of 'MRC House', 8 Parului Str, Craiova, Romania

Our Rationale

Innovations become more and more crucial, particularly when existing business models based on volume are threatened. This perspective is complex but also really exiting. However, the innovation process seems not to be understood nor really controlled or managed yet. When dealing with innovation, one of the main issues is about market creation for the novelty or invention. How can a market be created? How to design an innovation when creating a new market or changing an existing market? Are existing marketing concepts applicable when the market does not exist?

This course aims at delivering the framework to understand and deal with strategic innovation concepts. At the end of the course, Trainees will be familiar with new concepts presented here and the specific way of thinking to deal with disruptive innovation.

Our Target Group

This course is appropriate for:

  • Researchers in medical and/or life sciences who are interested in getting involved with the marketing of their research outputs, from any position (e.g., entrepreneurial, or as a member of a larger organization).
  • Entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and individuals supporting and coaching entrepreneurial projects in the life sciences willing to experience the entrepreneur's mindset and toolkit through an intense accelerated seminar.

Join us to…

  • Evaluate the potential of your innovation with the ISMA 360° methodology

  • Understand the effectual logic

  • Understand the need of 13 strategic variables to deal with innovation

  • Use the basic principles of the ISMA 360° methodology.


White Research (www.white-research.eu) is a Belgian, Brussels-based, social research enterprise specializing in consumer behavior and innovation in the fields of Health and ICT. The company is a key partner at the Health-2-Market project (www.health2market.eu) and addresses strategy, policy, market and user related issues through an array of diverse analytic tools. More specifically, White Research mines and interprets hardto-grasp consumer insights through a combination of modern analytics and marketing research and evaluation methods. Within this context, White Research carries relevant experience in collecting and analyzing surveyed or experimental user related data and turning asymmetric information to meaningful advices and recommendations.

The seminar is organized within the context of Health-2-Marketproject (www.health2market.eu). Health-2-Market is a 3-year project funded by the Seventh Framework Program of the European Commission. It aims at providing Health researchers with the necessary knowledge and skills for more viable IPR management as well as market exploitation of their results through setting up of new business ventures in health/life science sectors or in a more broad sense through their more active involvement in interdisciplinary cooperation actions. 


University of Craiova, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Kinetotherapy and Sport Medicine Department (Kinetoterapy - MedicinaSportiva)

  • Dean-Prof. univ.dr. Marian DRAGOMIR
  • Director of Kinetotherapy and Sport Medicine Department-Prof. univ.dr. Ligia RUSU, M.D.PhD.
  • Director of Motricity and Theory Department-Prof. univ.dr. Dorina ORTANESCU

Kinetotherapy and Sport Medicine Department works in field of human performance, sport activities and rehabilitation. It has many research and educational projects at national and international level in the fields of physiology, neurorehabilitation human movement analysis and sport performance. The Department will act as the co-organiser of the seminar that will be supervised by Professor Ligia Rusu.


All seminar and speaker costs are carried by the EU-funded Health2Market project. Travel and hotel costs for participants cannot be reimbursed. Participation is free of charge.


Registration will be open until 19 June 2015