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SEMINARS - Trainer

Cutting Edge Decision Making Tools for Entrepreneurs

at IE Business School, Madrid, Spain

Trainer of the seminar

Dilney Goncalves

Dilney Gonçalves, PhD
Professor of Marketing (IE Business School)

DILNEY GONÇALVES research investigates the psychological mechanisms underlying decision-making and well-being. His research addresses questions such as "how do people make inferences about based on a single opinion?", "when do purchases bring happiness and when they do not?", "why do people overbuy?", "how do social networks affect well-being?", and "how can charities create more persuasive messages?" He has presented his research in several international conferences, including the Association for Consumer Research, Association Française du Marketing, and the Business Association of Latin American Studies (BALAS). At IE Business School, Dilney currently teaches decision-making to executives, in addition to other courses at the PhD, MBA, and different Masters programs. Finally, Dilney also applies his research in order to help companies better learn and develop their businesses.