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SEMINARS - Programme

Marketing of Innovative Products in Health / Life Sciences

at Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals, Berlin, Germany

Preliminary seminar agenda

2 days of intensive, action-based learning with many hands-on examples and best practices

Day 1

1015 - 1030 Opening and Introduction
1030 - 1130 Strategic Marketing Orientation
1130 - 1200 Coffee break
1200 - 1330 Analysis of a real case opportunity in the health sector
1330 - 1445 Light lunch
1445 - 1615 Workshop Applying Strategic Marketing Orientation to YOUR case - Part I
1615 - 1645 Coffee break
1645 - 1715 Discussion and Closing Remarks

Day 2

1000 - 1015 Opening
1015 - 1130 Workshop Applying Strategic Marketing Orientation to YOUR case - Part II
1130 - 1200 Coffee break
1200 - 1400 Panel discussion with successful life science entrepreneurs and closing remarks
1400 - 1500 Light lunch

The first seminar day will start with a brief lecture introducing the key concepts. This will be followed by a brief overview of the process that a firm must follow in order to understand the market, develop its marketing strategy, and finally implement it. Morning session of the seminar will end with the analysis of a real-life case of marketing a product / service in the health sector. Afternoon session will consist of the first workshop, in which seminar participants will be required to apply the learned concepts in THEIR SPECIFIC CASE, with the guidance of the trainer. Second day will continue with the workshop, in which the case study will be performed. In the second part of day two there will be a panel discussion with entrepreneurs talking about their experience in marketing a business.