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SEMINARS - Description

Marketing of Innovation & Effectual Entrepreneurship in Health Sciences

at SKEMA Business School, Sophia-Antipolis, France

Innovations become more and more crucial, particularly when existing business models based on volume are threatened. This perspective is complex but also really exiting. However, the innovation process seems not to be understood nor really controlled ⁄ managed yet. When dealing with innovation, one of the main issues is about market creation for the novelty⁄invention. How can a market be created? How to design an innovation when creating a new market or changing an existing market? Are existing marketing concepts applicable when the market does not exist? This course aims at delivering the framework to understand and deal with strategic innovation concepts. At the end of the course, Trainees will be familiar with new concepts presented here and the specific way of thinking to deal with disruptive innovation.

Our Target Group

This training is dedicated to entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and individuals supporting and coaching entrepreneurial projects willing to experience the entrepreneur's mindset and toolkit through an intense accelerated seminar.

From whom

SKEMA Business School, the School of Knowledge Economy and Management is a leading international business school in the field of innovation management. With more than 40 faculty members and scholars specialized in the domains of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, SKEMA has been developing learning tools and methods to bridge the gap between theory and the practice of strategic management of innovation and entrepreneurship. SKEMA expertise is disseminated from its French, USA, and Chinese campuses and incubators throughout its 30000 alumni and hundreds of entrepreneurs trained in its entrepreneurship executive education programs. Health-2-Market is a 3-year long project funded by the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission. It aims at providing Health researchers with the necessary knowledge and skills for more viable IPR management as well as market exploitation of their results through setting up of new business ventures in health/life science sectors or in a more broad sense through their more active involvement in interdisciplinary cooperation actions. The provided services will be escalating to address the needs of the potential target groups: e-learning courses for broader audience, two-day seminars on specific topics, advanced 1-week training courses, hands-on support and ad-hoc counseling services either through face-to-face meetings, or distance ones, etc. The services address innovation issues such as: IPR and asset management, formulation of business and exploitation plans, preparation for the launch of start-ups in health/life science as well as on demand knowledge transfers. For more information, please visit www.health2market.eu.


All seminar and speaker costs are carried by the EU-funded Health2Market project. Travel and hotel costs for participants cannot be reimbursed. Participation is free of charge.

Join us and …

  • Evaluate the potential of your innovation with the ISMA 360® methodology
  • Understand the effectual logic
  • Understand the need of 13 strategic variables to deal with innovation
  • Use the basic principles of the ISMA 360® methodology.

Participation for the seminar is free of charge but registration is mandatory!
Registration will be open until: 21th March 2014.
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