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SEMINARS - Trainer

Marketing of Innovation & Effectual Entrepreneurship in Health Sciences

at SKEMA Business School, Sophia-Antipolis, France

Dominique Vian
Dominique Vian, PhD
Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (SKEMA Business School)

Dominique started his career as an information system consultant at Bull Company then Pricewaterhouse Coopers. In 2001, after experimenting life as an entrepreneur during 5 years, Dominique started working for SKEMA Business School (previously CERAM Sophia Antipolis) to lead the TEEE-Inn European project. He also coached well-known successful start-ups like Seemage, Benomad and Keeneo. He is the inventor of the Innovation Systemic Marketing Analysis method called ISMA360®. Built on specific theoretical frameworks: Effectuation, Sciences of Design and Complexity, this is a new approach applicable to strategy when uncertainty is inherent to innovation.