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The key target groups of the Health-2-Market are those researchers in the health and life science domain that are planning to exploit their research results in the future and all those (e.g. TTO offices) that are involved in supporting these activities.

Detailed list of Health-2-Market targeted groups / beneficiaries:
  • Health / Life Science researchers participating in EU and national research projects (FP6/FP7/Horizon 2020 projects, national R&D projects, etc.);
  • European Health research institutes, centres, universities, etc.;
  • Key staff of Technology Transfer Offices supporting the valorisation of Health / Life Sciences research results in major EU research organisations (universities, research institutes, etc.);
  • EU industrial actors (e.g. medium-large actors as well as highly innovative SMEs) in Health-related technologies, products and services, including successful healthcare entrepreneurs (former researchers);
  • Regional, national and EU policy makers and other interesting actors (e.g. from innovation agencies, S&T related ministries, Assembly of European Regions, EC stakeholders, etc.);
  • Formal European networks like the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), Health NCPs, Fit-4-Health, etc.;
  • Relevant / complementary Health and Innovation coordination actions and initiatives, such as the HEALTH COMPETENCE portal, IMP3rove, SME4RTDI, etc.;
  • Other business schools and training providers in IP/Asset/Innovation management, etc.
Health-2-Market targeted regions:
  • EU-27 and Associated Countries